Research On The Effectiveness Of Our Adventure Buddy

Wearable well-being toys for children are relatively new, but the basic research on their effectiveness has been around for a number of years. Here are 5 studies that provide a strong scientific foundation of the therapeutic power of deep touch pressure and belly-breathing. 

Research Study 1: Assistive Relief Tool For Early Childhood Groups During The Pandemic

The findings from this study demonstrate that clothing (wearables) can be designed to simulate hugging and be used as a tool for stress relief, which is particularly important for young children as they require more physical contact. 

Research Study 2: Positive Effects of a Weighted Vest (Wearable) on Attention to Task

A weighted vest is a type of wearable that creates the same DTP as our wearable hobby horse where in this study are found to be a natural, non-medicinal way to improve focus in preschoolers.

Research Study 3: Taking a Few Deep Breaths Significantly Reduces Children’s Stress in Everyday Settings 

This study found that children who watched an informational video about deep breathing reduced their physiological stress and that even one minute of deep breathing can help young children calm down. 

Research Study 4: The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress

Based on the finding of this study, diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly-breathing, improved cognitive performance and reduced stress in healthy adults. 

Research Study 5: Mindfulness Training Helps Kids Sleep Better

This study demonstrates that children who learned deep-breathing, ie. belly-breathing, slept over an hour longer and better after participating in a mindfulness program.