How To Teach Kids Mindfulness With a Wearable Hobby Horse ‘Breathing Buddy’?

Why not make playtime better by incorporating some mindfulness. When done regularly the benefits will stay with your children for life! We took the 'breathing buddies' technique and updated it for today's modern family.

The ‘breathing buddies’ technique harnesses the power of mindfulness by instructing children to focus on their breath, which can bring about a soothing, stress-relieving benefit when done over time. It is easy, children find a favorite toy or stuffed animal and lie down on their back, placing the stuffed animal on their belly. Then, inhale and exhale through the nose watching the stuffed animal rise and fall as they breathe in and out. The problem is that lying down does not help children understand that deep breathing and mindfulness can be done anywhere and at any time, not just when resting on their backs. This is where Hugalongs wearable hobby horse helps, as now belly-breathing can be done anywhere and at any time.

Watch our belly-breathing video or follow the simple steps:

  1. Place the wearable hobby horse around the child’s belly and attach so that it is snug around the waist. 
  2. Ask the child to inhale deeply through their nose, if possible for 3 seconds, focusing on how the ‘hug’ gets tighter as the child breathes in.
  3. Now ask the child to exhale slowly, if possible for 4 seconds, this time focusing on how the ‘hug’ gets looser as the child breathes out.
  4. Repeat for at least another few minutes increasing how many times you practice over time.  

Regular mindfulness practice has been proven to decrease anxiety, stress and depression, while enhancing self-esteem. It can also improve cognitive skills such as memory, organization, and attention span. Starting a habit can be difficult, but try out our fun little adventures jar for some inspiration.