The Hug Report: Earth Day

Hey parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone else who may have stumbled onto this first edition of The Hug Report! You may be asking yourself,

"What the heck is The Hug Report?"

Well, it's a weekly newsletter that we here at Hugalongs have decided to launch because there is so much parenting content out there.

We know you don't have time to read it all, but have a bit of FOMO when it comes to all the advice out there. We are here to curate the best parenting content from the week so you are the envy of all your parent friends... wink, wink.

But seriously, get some inspo for organizing your kids' rooms in the carline drop-off at preschool or have a laugh in the bathroom as you take a moment before your little one bursts in. We also find actionable advice for those moments when you need to handle some Big Feelings in between bites of a salad from Whole Foods. We got you!

Talk about a day that sneaks up on you. We have this cool video for kids that explains why Earth Day is important so you don't have to.



Our Earth Day Mantra:

"Today I will open my eyes to all the beauty around me."

Just take a look.


Earth Day Activities

Sprucing things up with this planter painting project

Searching your yard with these printable scavenger hunts

Testing out these recyclable art ideas

Planting a garden with these seed bombs

Baking some Earth Day cookies

Starting your day with an Iced Matcha Earth Latte*

*Not for kiddos: Kids + Caffeine = Disaster.


Sustainable Brands

We value sustainability and promoting a better world here at Hugalongs through our products and practices, and we love Earth Day. So, here are some of our picks for sustainable brands and products you can buy with the peace of mind that you'll be making the planet just a little bit better:

For the kids...

Plastic free playsets from Playper

A variety of eco-friendly toys from PlanToys

Sustainably built playhouses and climbers from CassaroKids

This or this or this or this reusable water bottle

And for the adults...

These super cute tote bags for sustainable shopping

Sustainably sourced and made clothing from Pact

Now-trending shower bars from Package Free Shop

These adorable dryer balls that your kids will totally steal

And for those special moments... sustainable wine brands.




So, that's it for our inaugural Hug Report. Tell us what you think.

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P.S. A new asteroid.