The Hug Report: No Excuse for No Flowers on Mother's Day

Hey parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone else who has found their way onto this edition of The Hug Report. There's a lot for us to go over this week, but don't run away! We're breaking it all down for you.


Getting flowers for Mother's Day is easier than ever: like from here (for free!) or here

A clinical trial on peanut patches can raise the peanut tolerance in children with the allergy

This TikTok mom has some advice on apologies

The American Psychological Association has released guidelines for how to teach your kids about social media

We appreciate teachers, this and every week! And through tomorrow, so do these restaurants.

Our Weekly Mantra: "I am taking time for myself today."

Self care is essential.

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We're bringing it back to arts and crafts with these super easy paper towel butterflies!


So, that's it for this week's Hug Report. Happy Mother's Day, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and have a super happy weekend.

P.S. It could always be worse.