The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy
The Wearable Adventure Buddy

The Wearable Adventure Buddy

The Hugalongs Adventure Buddy is an engaging and fun tool to help young children to take control of their big feelings anywhere their adventures may take them.
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A wearable cuddly companion that takes all the benefits of a huggable stuffed animal and makes it portable and fun!

Along with the BuddyUp Caregiver Guide, the Hugalongs Wearable Adventure Buddy provides children with a comprehensive toolkit of skills and strategies to help build mental fitness that will serve as a strong foundation for personal growth, emotional health, and success throughout their lives. 

The Wearable Adventure Buddy brings together the magic of play, the emotional support of a stuffed animal, and the calming techniques of mindfulness in one extraordinary package. 

      Gift your child the skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. With a teacher that could not be any cuter.

      • Holistic Development: Our Wearable Adventure Buddy combines emotional regulation and handsfree fun for a powerful approach to building mental fitness
      • Innovative Design: The Wearable Adventure Buddy's unique adjustable waistband makes comforting hugs accessible at anytime and teaches young children how to feel their breaths, enhancing the techniques provided in the BuddyUp Guide.
      • Expert Guidance: Our FREE BuddyUp Caregiver Guide equips you with evidence-based techniques that are simple enough to fit into any routine and will help with those moments of big feelings when they happen.
      • Preloved Program: Teach your child the value of sustainability and kindness through our Preloved Program.

      The Wearable Adventure Buddy comes with everything you need to provide your child with the skills and calming friend they can reach for when when they need a little extra support.

      The Wearable Wellness Buddy
      ($45 value)

      • Extra soft wearable hobby horse with adjustable waistband
      • Brush able mane and tail
      • Machine washable
      • Removable bridle

      Adventure Cards
      ($20 value)

      • Attachable ring of Adventure Cards with suggested activities

      BuddyUp Caregiver Guide & Training
      ($50 value)

      • BuddyUp Caregiver Guide containing our proven mental fitness training techniques with lifetime access to our guided video training

      Bonus: Calming Carryall
      ($15 value)

      • Cloth backpack that is the perfect size for bringing along special calming and sensory tools.

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      Top Reasons To Love Our Wearable Wellness Buddy

      Expert Approved

      Hugalongs works closely with teachers and childhood development professionals to continue to provide up to date methods for children's well-being.


      Hugging a stuffed animal proven to lower the stress hormone cortisol and stimulate the production of "feel good" neurotransmitters oxytocin and dopamine.

      Proven Techniques

      The included BuddyUp Caregiver Guide & Training contains exercises for stress management that along with the Hugalongs Buddy teaches children how to control their breaths to take control of how they feel.

      Handsfree Support

      Big feelings happen anytime, anywhere, the Hugalongs Buddy helps young children receive the support they need while experiencing the moment.

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