Papap Pony is the premiere -- and only -- handsfree hobby horse.  It is huggable, cuddly, cute and durable, and it has proven to be the best buddy of toddlers and pre-schoolers alike.  Papap is constructed with the highest quality materials, and is tested and certified by ASTM International to exceed the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, long considered the "gold standard" for toy safety.

This year, Papap also launched her first award-winning interactive read-along children's book, "Meet Papap," to introduce all who love Papap to her family, farm and friends in a fun and active way.

Papap Pony has received rave reviews and endorsements from around the globe and has been worn by the children of some of Hollywood's most loved celebrities.


The inspiration for Papap Pony was born from a deep love of horses. What started as my childhood obsession with hobby horses led to a amazing journey as the #1 rider in my state and a nationally-ranked competitive equestrian.  To say that horses have always been my passion and life-blood would be an understatement. 

When I became a mother, I wanted to create a pony friend for my daughter that passed along my love of horses.  But the tired hobby-horse-on-a-stick needed an update, not to mention a safety upgrade.  So, with that, the Papap Pony plush toy was born.

My daughter instantly loved Papap and made it her best friend.  Whenever she wore it on our trips to Starbucks, the grocery store and the park, parents and grandparents constantly stopped us and asked where they too could get one.  So, we made a few more...and then a few more...and then a lot more.

I hope Papap inspires as much imagination and fun in your child or grandchild as she has in mine.

Giddy up!

Creator of Papap Pony


Kelly Hull is the mother of two young daughters and an accomplished equestrian, polo player and international team captain.  She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University, and she completed her international studies at Oxford University.  She has lived all over the world -- from China to Manhattan to Florida -- and originally created the first Papap from her home in Los Angeles.