Welcome to Hugalongs Adventure Academy.

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What We Do

Guided Exploration

Papap Pony and Captain Kelly will introduce the world of Hugalot and lead the young scouts through a series of adventures where they will encounter developmentally appropriate preschool challenges and scientifically proven well-being techniques.

Interactive Challenges

The challenges are created to develop strengths of mind, heart, will, and body through conflicts, puzzles and social encounters.

World of Discovery

Each adventure takes part in a larger world full of interesting characters and places that are designed to teach children important concepts and healthy routines.


Videos are developed to introduce movement skills and concepts in a developmentally appropriate way.

Each adventure is designed to introduce scentifically proven well-being tools, such as mindfulness, gratitude cards and journaling.

Children are encouraged to develop their very own character and as the adventure progresses individual character strengths of heart, mind, will and body are introduced.

Each adventure presents multiple challenges that encourage creative ideas.

The adventure game creates a safe place where kids feel free to express themselves and create characters possessing strengths they would like to develop.

The game is specifically created to introduce children to different characters with diversified perspectives. Many of the challenges touch on how to communicate and respect others.