Our Story

My love of horses has enabled me to live all over the world as a competitive equestrian, polo player, and international team captain. In between stops on my horse journey, I also earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University, and I completed international studies at Oxford University. Along the way I developed a personal mission to get out and experience something new regularly. 

After becoming a mom I wanted to pass my mission on to my daughters, however, I realized the real-world can be big and scary to young children. Daily life has a way of creating moments of big feelings and anxiety, which do not always happen when we were at home where we could sit and cuddle. Many of these moments happened while out and about. 

I created Papap Pony, Hugalongs’ signature wearable wellness plush toy, to help support and soothe those big feelings while also encouraging children to get out and experience the world around them.

With Papap Pony securely hugging their waists, my daughters now feel more confident to adventure out and explore. People constantly stopped us to ask where we bought that cute little pony. And thus, Hugalongs was born. 

Today, we're a female owned and led company helping parents ignite a passion for adventure and foundation of wellness in their children. We are striving to raise a happier and healthier new generation. I hope you'll join us.

Creator of Hugalongs

We are a brand that understands a young child's need to discover while being comforted physically and emotionally.

We promote building confidence while understanding a child's need for security and most importantly, having fun.

We believe the best way for children to discover the world, is in an imaginative and developmentially supportive way.