Our Story

It was a masters degree in Organizational Psychology, specifically the study of leadership, performance and motivation that first sparked my interest in the practical benefits of wellness. But it wasn’t until a few years later, when I was a lawyer for a top New York law firm that I realized how integral healthy habits truly are. With the stress of the job I found myself succumbing to an unhealthy lifestyle, developing anxiety and finding my overall well-being suffering because of it.

So, utilizing all I had learned, I completely revitalized my life. I left New York to reconnect with my family in Florida where I ended up meeting my husband, which resulted in a move to Los Angeles. Once in LA I was inspired to truly immerse myself in both physical and mental wellness - becoming a performance expert specializing in total body well-being, mindfulness and motivation. Through a dedication to healthy habits, I discovered the best version of myself.

Which is why, when I became a mom I knew I needed to arm my kids with their own set of wellness tools from a young age. Ones that got them up, out and moving, inspired a sense of adventure, and helped them cope with the stress of this fast paced world.

This led to a light bulb moment for me. Why not create the solution myself? 

Drawing on my professional knowledge as well as a lifetime spent around horses, I created the very first “Papap Pony” for my oldest daughter while pregnant with my youngest. This seemingly simple toy became the solution to “making healthy, fun” for the whole family. Then, when people started literally stopping me on the street to ask where I got the adorable hobby horse, Hugalongs was born. 

With Hugalongs, it's our mission to help parents give the gift of physical and mental well-being to their children, so all kids have the tools to grow up into a healthy, happy and resilient future generation.