Our Story

While pregnant with both of my daughters I made it a priority to walk daily for both my mental and physical health. Understanding the benefits of regular movement, it is important to me that this simple healthy habit be passed down to my daughters. Which is why I would bring my older daughter along on my pregnancy walks. However, I found myself struggling to entertain her during these times and would allow her to bring a stuffed animal or toy to play with. Inevitably it would usually be dropped or lost along the way. This is when I looked for something to motivate her to walk, that would have the security of a stuffy, and allow her hands to be free to move and explore. Finding nothing that fit my needs I thought 'Why not create the solution myself?' 

Drawing on my professional knowledge in leadership psychology as well as a lifetime spent around horses, I created the very first Papap Pony® for my oldest daughter while pregnant with my youngest. This seemingly simple toy became the solution to “making healthy, fun” for the whole family. Then, when people started literally stopping me on the street to ask where I got the adorable hobby horse, Hugalongs was born. 

With Hugalongs, it's our mission to help parents and caregivers give the gift of physical and mental well-being to their children, so all kids have the tools to grow up into a healthy and happy future generation.

Which is why, when I became a mom I knew I needed to arm my kids with their own set of wellness tools from a young age. Ones that got them up, out and moving, inspired a sense of adventure, and helped them cope with the stress of this fast paced world.

Come ride with us!