Hugalongs Mental Fitness Program

Prepare Them For Life's Adventures

The Hugalongs T3 Program

The scientific framework that helps your child build mental strength to take on any challenge.

The Hugalongs mental fitness training is based on the iterative process of the scientific method. This cyclical three step formula becomes more powerful the more it is repeated. Whether you already own a Buddy or this is your first time hearing about the Hugalongs T3 Program, welcome!

Step 1: Track

Observing and recognizing our own emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns. Concentrating on self-awareness exercises.

Step 2: Train

Based on the awareness gained in Step 1, children and caregivers choose what science-backed tools and techniques they want to improve and practice.

Step 3: Test

Children and caregivers experiment with the techniques in the real world to see what works best for for them. This then leads back to Step 1 to be reviewed.



In the first step of the mental fitness training program for kids, the focus is on building awareness through understanding and reflecting on their feelings. This step lays the foundation for emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

How It Works

  1. Understanding Feelings: Children learn to recognize and name their emotions. This process helps them connect with their feelings and understand the range of emotions they experience.
  2. Reflecting on Feelings: Children are encouraged to take moments of self-reflection. This involves pausing to think about how they are feeling, why they might be feeling that way, and what might have triggered those emotions.

Step 2


The second step focuses on preparing children to mange big emotions effectively using techniques from our mental fitness toolkit. This step equips them with practical tools to handle challenging situations.

How It Works

  1. Simple Tools: Children are introduced to powerful mind-body regulation techniques through developmentally appropriate products that empower children to regain control when emotions become overwhelming.
  2. Current Scientific Techniques: Our tools and exercises incorporate the most recent research on mental fitness to help children regulate their emotions by calming the nervous system and forming healthy habits.



In the final step, children take the skills and techniques learned in the previous steps and apply them to real-life situations. This step encourages them to integrate mental fitness exercises into their daily lives.

How It Works

  1. Learning from Experiences: Children learn from their interactions and experiences. They observe how different coping techniques work in various situations and discover which strategies resonate with them personally.
  2. Connecting & Growing: Children engage with the world around them, practicing their coping techniques and emotional regulation skills. This step encourages them to connect with others, foster empathy, and apply their learnings to build positive relationships.


The Loop Of Building & Maintaining Mental Fitness

The Hugalongs T3 program is designed as a cyclical process, similar to the scientific method. Children repeat the three step training program over and over again to not only grow, but also maintain their mental fitness. Just like physical exercise, consistent practice strengthens their emotional resilience, cognitive growth, and social connections.

Through the program's structured approach, children develop a solid foundation of self-awareness, coping skills, and emotional regulation. These skills empower them to navigate challenges, embrace learning opportunities, and foster positive relationships as they continue on their journey of lifelong mental fitness.

Time To Get With The Program

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