Hugalongs characters and adventures are developed to help families start incorporating healthy habits into their daily life, with the goal of building a foundation of lifelong well-being.

To make big changes, everyone must start small.

In order to form HUGS=Habits Underlying Growth & Success, we start with a simple proven process: attention, reward and reinforcement-which can lead to big things.

How We Do It...


Grabbing a child's attention through cuddly characters and engaging adventures.


Creating uninterrupted time for child-caregiver connection and ample oppoortunities for fun.


Simplifying the actions into something that can be done easily and regularly.

As simple as it sounds, our brains are similar to our muscles. When you intentionally do something repeatedly, you create deep paths in your brain that create lasting change. Papap Pony introduces the simple step of moving regularly that, over time, will just become a way of life. 

We have learned that anyone can accomplish big things, but it all starts with simple habits, done as well as you can, that creates a person who can achieve anything. By introducing healthy habits early, caregivers are the first step in raising a mentally and physically strong generation.

Start With Movement


Fact: Starting a habit of daily movement makes your kids smarter, nicer and happier. We at Hugalongs work hard to make it fun and stimulating for children to get moving, so they can develop the mental and physical skills that will help them live a better life.