A deeper dive into how Hugalongs toys, books, and adventures are developed to help children incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives to build the right foundations for lifelong well-being

A Simple Philosophy Built on Complicated Science

In order to form what we call HUGS (Habits Underlying Growth & Success), we first identified the 3 factors necessary for habit formation


We quickly capture a child's attention through cuddly characters and engaging adventures


We create uninterrupted time for child and caregiver connection


We simplify actions into routines that can be performed easily and regularly

As simple as it sounds, our brains are similar to our muscles. When we intentionally do something repeatedly, we create deep paths in our brains that create lasting change. Papap Pony introduces the simple step of moving regularly which, over time, can become a way of life. 

It all starts with simple habits, done as well as we can, that create our ability to achieve just about anything. By introducing these healthy habits early, we're doing our part to help families raise a mentally and physically strong new generation.

See What Other Experts and Science Say About Children's Daily Movement Habits


Experts say that nurturing a habit of daily movement makes kids smarter, nicer, and happier. At Hugalongs, we work hard to make that movement fun and stimulating, so that preschoolers can develop the mental and physical skills that will help them live better lives