Calming Transitions Bundle
Calming Transitions Bundle
Calming Transitions Bundle
Calming Transitions Bundle
Calming Transitions Bundle
Calming Transitions Bundle

Calming Transitions Bundle

Save over 5% when you buy the set! Introducing Papap Pony's Calming Transitions Bundle - a comprehensive package designed to empower young minds with emotional regulation skills, focus, and seamless transitions. Transform transitions into transformative moments.
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Meet Papap Pony, our first Wearable Adventure Buddy, and join her on an interactive journey around her farm to meet her family and friends. This interactive story along with our Papap Pony is perfect for focusing young children in order to transition them into a receptive mood for learning the calming exercises provided in our included BuddyUp Caregiver Guide.

Our Wearable Adventure Buddy includes all the benefits of a cuddly stuffed animal and adds fun and the convenience of wearability for the ultimate soothing companion that can go anywhere.

Not only does this unique book help young children associate reading with fun, but when combined with our included mental fitness exercises and Papap Pony enhances the mental fitness training experience.  It is also perfect for those times when your little one will just not sit down and listen. Interactive stories that incorporate physical movement can help children release their energy helping to focus their minds and transition. Children learn to actively listen for the book's simple directions to hug, dance, and jump along with Papap and a fun stable of friends. 

Invest in your child's emotional well-being with the Papap Pony Calming Transitions Bundle - a bundle that offers support, growth, and shared moments of discovery.

  • Holistic Growth: Papap Pony is a huggable soothing tool that also fosters emotional awareness, while the BuddyUp guide equips you with the techniques to nurture mental fitness in a fun approachable way that young children can understand.
  • Seamless Transitions: The 'Meet Papap' storybook acts as a transition tool, making it easier for your child to engage with the mental fitness exercises in the BuddyUp caregiver guide.
  • Empowering Parent-Child Connection: By sharing the Papap Pony's interactive moments and reading her own story together, you create an environment of connection and trust. Perfect for helping children focus and respond to our proven mental fitness training techniques.
  • Preloved Program: Teach your child the importance of sustainability and kindness through our Preloved Program.

The Calming Transitions Bundle comes with everything you need to provide your child with the skills and calming friend they can reach for when when they need a little extra support.

Meet Papap Transitioning Story Book
($12.99 Value)

  • When read alongside the Adventure Buddy, this enchanting story book becomes a tool for helping children transition and focus. 

The Wearable Wellness Buddy
($45 value)

  • Extra soft wearable hobby horse with adjustable waistband
  • Brush-able mane and tail
  • Machine washable
  • Removable bridle

Adventure Cards
($20 value)

  • Attachable ring of Adventure Cards with suggested activities

BuddyUp Caregiver Guide & Training
($50 value)

  • BuddyUp Caregiver Guide containing our proven mental fitness training techniques

Bonus: Calming Carryall
($15 value)

  • Cloth backpack that is the perfect size for bringing along special calming and sensory tools.

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Animated Story

Listen and see Papap Pony's story come alive.

"This book and buddy set is so valuable. My little one has been asking to read Papap's story each night with her own pony to help her go to sleep."


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