Calming Transitions Storybook
Calming Transitions Storybook
Calming Transitions Storybook

Calming Transitions Storybook

The 'Meet Papap' calming transitions story book helps young children transition into a focused mood so they are ready to practice the calming exercises provided with the Hugalongs Wearable Adventure Buddy, Papap Pony, (sold separately) or any other time they need a little extra support flowing from one activity to the next.
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This interactive storybook follows Papap Pony, our first Wearable Adventure Buddy, on an interactive journey around her farm to meet her family and friends. Best used with Papap Pony (sold separately) this storybook is the perfect tool to transition young children into a receptive mood for learning the calming exercises provided in our BuddyUp Caregiver Guide (sold separately with Papap Pony). 

Not only will this unique book help young children associate reading with fun, but when combined with our included mental fitness exercises and Papap Pony enhances the mental fitness training experience.  It is also perfect for those times when your little one will just not sit down and listen. Interactive stories that incorporate physical movement can help children release their energy helping to focus their minds and transition. Children learn to actively listen for the book's simple directions to hug, dance, and jump along with Papap and a fun stable of friends. 

Transitions made simple.

Our interactive storybook captivate children's attention through engaging rhyming narrative, simple instructions, and physical interaction with Papap Pony.

The simple interactions with their real life Papap Pony friend (Wearable Adventure Buddy sold separately), keeps children engaged and actively participating in the story. The Meet Papap story acts as a bridge that helps children transition from one phase to another with a sense of security, understanding, and emotional readiness.

The 'Meet Papap' Calming Transitions Storybook

'Meet Papap' is our first interactive book that caregivers combine with our Hugalongs Buddy, Papap Pony, for the ultimate Mental Fitness Training experience.

Science tells us that young children learn and focus better in an attentive, but relaxed state. That is why we created this interactive story to transition young children into the perfect mood for mental fitness training.

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Animated Story

Listen and see Papap Pony's story come alive.

"I just love how this book really puts my daughter in a better mood. We follow the directions with her Papap and she calms right down."


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