Papap Pony Book Gift Set
Papap Pony Book Gift Set
Papap Pony Book Gift Set
Papap Pony Book Gift Set
Papap Pony Book Gift Set

Papap Pony Book Gift Set

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Physical & Emotional Support, Imaginative Play, Emotional Regulation.

This Papap Pony Book Gift Set combines Hugalongs' signature Papap Pony wearable hobby horse with attachable adventure activity cards, and Hugalongs first interactive book, "Meet Papap"! Science tells us that young children learn and focus better when there is a bit of playfulness thrown in. That is why we created this interactive story to inspire families to read, move and connect together.

This unique book and wellness kids toy combo helps children associate reading with fun and is perfect for those times when your little one will just not sit down and listen or is struggling with some big feelings. Interactive stories that incorporate physical movement can help children release their energy before bedtime, build social skills, and inspire fun family conversations and memories.


  • Papap Pony wearable hobby horse
  • Papap's adventure activity cards
  • Meet Papap board book

What's Included

Papap Pony Wearable Hobby Horse

Emotional security on-the-go, Papap Pony wraps around your child's waist giving a deep supportive 'hug' that turns any situation into comforting imaginative adventure

Adventure Activity Cards

Attach directly to Papap Pony for imaginative play on-the-go

The Board Book

Papap Pony gift set comes with the interactive "Meet Papap" Board Book

Free Resources

Check out our free Papap Pony coloring book, adoption kit and other resources.