Healthy, Fun.

Huggable friend helping children build physical and mental wellness for life.

The habits children establish before age 9 are unlikely to change for the rest of their lives. Let's make them healthy habits.

We believe active kids are happy kids and science actually agrees with us! By creating fun, imaginative characters and adventures that motivate families to get moving regularly, Hugalongs helps build a strong foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

Kelly's Story

I spent my life reseaching and meeting experts to improve and protect my mental and physical health. It is this research and personal experience, now as a parent, that has lead me to develop the fun kids well-being toy I wish I had as a child.

Research Has Shown Moving Regularly Can...

Increase happiness, self-esteem, energy and life satisfaction.

Reduce hostility, depression, anger, and anxiety.

Protect young minds from developing depression.

How It Works

Papap Pony

Like a warm hug, just wrap Papap around your child's waist and let the fun begin!

Papap turns any situation into an adventure.

* Gets kids moving

* Gives security and comfort

* Sparks imagination

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Adventure Cards

The included adventure cards attach to Papap for instant play ideas on the go!

Carefully designed to support wellness through PLAY.

* Introduces developmental skills

* Brings family together

* Promotes physical fitness

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Lots of love for Hugalongs...


Wait until your little one meets the adorable Papap Pony! Highly recommend.

Becky Mansfield

Former Elementary Teacher & Founder of Your Modern Family


I just received Papap Pony and my grandson loves it! He refuses to take it off!

Eileen K.

Children's Therapist


High quality children's product that gets kids moving.

David Ryu

Los Angeles City Council Member


What a great way to encourage families to get out and walk together regularly!

Alexis C.

Health Specialist

Additional Resources

Need more inspiration for ways to get moving?