More Adventures
Less Stress

Loveable wearable stuffed animals that “attach with a hug” to help young children manage daily challenges.

Why Parents Love Hugalongs

Secure 'Hug'

Each cuddly pal securely attaches to the child with a soft elastic belt that adapts to a child's size with hands free to explore.

Eases Anxiety

A supportive companion to boost confidence, calm nerves and ease transitions anywhere.

Designed For Life

No sitck or parts to restrict movement and super-soft yet durable enough for everyday use and travel.

Uniquely designed for young kids

Handsfree so as to not get in the way of exploration, fun and learning.

Attached with a comforting hug

All the benefits of weighted blankets and products without the awkwardness of added weight on unstable movers.

A boost of confidence when needed most

Emotional support anywhere, as stress does not stop at the front door and neither do we.

Lots of love for Hugalongs...


Wait until your little one meets the adorable Papap Pony! Highly recommend.

Becky Mansfield

Former Elementary Teacher & Founder of Your Modern Family


I just received Papap Pony and my grandson loves it! He refuses to take it off!

Eileen K.

Children's Therapist


High quality children's product that gets kids moving.

David Ryu

Los Angeles City Council Member


What a great way to make daily outings into adventures!

Alexis C.

Health Specialist

What is Hugalongs?

We are a brand that understands new experiences can be scary. Having a supportive friend (literally) at your side helps build confidence and decreases stress.

We promote the benefits of families getting out and active in the community for mind/body wellness.

We believe the best way for children to discover the world, is not through a screen, but by getting out and experiencing it.