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It's our treat.

Mental Fitness
Starts with Hugalongs

The Wearable Adventure Buddy

Meet Our Wearable Adventure Buddy


Children now have a soft cuddly friend at their side, ready for a comforting 'hug' anytime, anywhere. Which relieves anxiety & promote calmness. Perfect for supporting big feelings on the go.


Practice the powerful deep breathing exercises & mental fitness training techniques in the BuddyUp caregiver guide to help children take control of their big feelings.


Hugalongs is the perfect companion for outdoor playtime. Encourage screen-free active play with the activity cards or start a daily walking (riding) routine to nurture healthy habits early.

"I asked myself - What if I could teach my daughters how to transform any moment from intimidating to enjoyable? And that is how the Wearable Adventure Buddy was born."

Kelly Hull, Founder & Mom

What makes us special?

We're not just another stuffed animal that sits in a pile collecting dust. We are Hugalongs.

What Our Customers Say


We use Hugalongs to help our younger kids feel comfortable at school drop off. Highly recommend!

Becky M.

Preschool Teacher


Making an adorable stuffed animal wearable is a dream come true.

Eileen K.

Children's Therapist


Anxiety relief on the go. Wish you made Hugalongs for adults!

Ken H.

Mindfulness Specialist


I use Hugalongs in my classes to help kids feel their belly breaths. What a useful tool that is also fun!

Danielle C.

Kids Yoga and Mindfulenss Teacher

Reduce Anxiety & Stress Anywhere, Anytime

Our Wearable Adventure Buddy is part of our BuddyUp approach - where science-backed mental fitness tools are introduced through relatable characters and stories to help teach young children how to understand and control their big feelings wherever life takes them.

We want to change the way you think about play.