Caring for Papap Pony

Your very own pony

Congratulations on adopting your new pony pal. Papap Pony is so excited to join your family.

Playing with Papap

Papap's favorite foods are apples and carrots. She enjoys going for walks and jumping over sticks and rocks. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle and read a book together with her new friend.

Bath Time

Playing with Papap can sometimes get messy. For those spills that cannot be spot cleaned - not to worry - Papap enjoys taking baths in the washing machine. Please remember to take the bridle off and set the delicate cycle. Attaching the velcro together will ensure Papap does not stick to anything that might be bathing with her.  One of our pony friends suggests placing Papap in a pillowcase to further protect her. What a great idea!

After Papap's bath, let her air-dry. We do not recommend using a hair dryer as Papap does not like the heat.