Safety & Sustainability


Hugalongs is dedicated to providing our customers with complete assurance that every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of your child. Each toy is tested and certified, proving that rigorous and up-to-date safety testing has been conducted to meet all government safety standards. All parts are safety approved ASTM 963 standard in the USA.


How Hugalongs is helping the environment.

We believe that children thrive with simpler toys rather than plastic. Fewer, better made toys will open their minds to new adventures and creative ways to play that will serve them all through their lives. This is why we provide additional activities, adventures and ways to play with our Hugalongs stuffed animals that even the family can get involved with. 

As for packaging we use a cotton bag that children can reuse as a backpack or store their new pal in. To ship our products we use biodegradable bags. We are constantly looking for more ways to make each stage, from design through shipping, more sustainable.

Caring for your Hugalongs stuffed animals.

Papap is designed to survive many years of toddler play and cuddling. We highly recommend hand-washing with mild soap. If you use a washing mashing, just remove the leather bridle place in a pillow case and tie shut. Wash separately in cold water, on a delicate or permanent-press cycle, using mild or eco-friendly soap then air dry. Avoid fabric softeners or bleach.

Note: Always use the lowest temperature as the mane and tail will clump and lose softness.