5 Kid-Friendly Activities for Your Next Plane Adventure

Heading on a plane trip can be an exciting time for toddlers and preschoolers, especially when they have their Papap Pony along for the ride. To ensure the journey is as enjoyable as the destination, we've put together five kid-approved activities that are perfect for keeping little ones entertained in the air. These simple, engaging tasks require minimal materials and are designed to spark joy and creativity at 30,000 feet.

1. Cloud Shape Game

The skies are a canvas, and the clouds are waiting for your imagination to bring them to life. Can you find a fluffy bunny or a brave pirate ship sailing the windy seas? Look closely, for every cloud has a story to tell.

  • Materials Needed: Just a window seat and a vivid imagination.
  • Activity: Gaze out the window with your Adventure Buddy and spot shapes in the clouds. Can you see a fluffy bunny or a pirate ship? This activity encourages creative thinking and can turn looking out the window into a magical experience.

2. Buddy’s Bingo

Are you ready for a game of Bingo like no other? With our special Bingo card, the airplane becomes a world of wonders. Each item you spot brings us closer to victory. Let’s see how many we can find together!

  • Materials Needed: A pre-made bingo card with pictures (cloud, seat belt, stewardess, airplane wing). Download our Bingo Cards Here.
  • Activity: Create a simple bingo card with common flight-related images before your trip. During the flight, help your toddler spot these items from their seat. Each discovery offers a fun learning moment with their Buddy.

3. The Mystery Bag

Inside this mystery bag lies a world of textures and shapes waiting to be discovered by your curious hands. Can you guess what they are with the help of your Papap Pony?

  • Materials Needed: A small bag with a few safe, tactile objects (a soft toy, a plastic spoon, a fabric square).
  • Activity: Fill a small bag with a few simple, tactile items and let your toddler or preschooler reach in to feel and guess what they are with guidance from Papap Pony. This sensory game is engaging and helps develop tactile awareness.

4. Colorful Skies Drawing

As you and your Buddy soar above the world, capture the beauty outside your window. With your crayons and paper, draw the magical scenes you see. Is it the golden sunrise, the fluffy clouds, or the twinkling stars at night? Let’s make this journey colorful!

  • Materials Needed: Crayons and paper.
  • Activity: Bring along some crayons and paper and encourage your child to draw what they see outside the airplane window with their Adventure Buddy. If clouds are visible, they can color the sky; if it’s night, perhaps they can draw the moon and stars. This not only nurtures creativity but also keeps little hands busy.

5. Adventure Buddy’s Favorite Places

Have you ever wondered about the fantastical places your Adventure Buddy dreams of visiting? Look upon the flight map together and imagine stories of adventures in lands far and wide. A magical forest, a snowy mountain, or perhaps a sunny beach? Let your imaginations soar as high as you are flying right now.

  • Materials Needed: None, just imagination!
  • Activity: Use the flight map as a simple visual tool and create stories with your child about places the Adventure Buddy loves to visit. It could be a magical forest, a snowy mountain, or a sunny beach. You don’t have to focus on real geographical locations; instead, foster a love for storytelling and imagination.


With these five activities, your toddler or preschooler's next plane journey can be an exciting adventure, filled with learning, play, and exploration. Each activity is designed to be engaging yet simple enough to manage in the cozy confines of an airplane seat, ensuring both you and your little one have a pleasant flight experience with your Papap Pony Adventure Buddy.

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