Papap Pony Meet Papap Interactive Book
Papap Pony Interactive Book
Interactive Read & Move Board Book

Interactive Read & Move Board Book

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Promotes: Active Listening

When used together, Papap Pony's story, Meet Papap, becomes the ultimate interactive reading and moving experience. All without gimmicks, sounds or batteries.   

This colorful and simple board book encourages caregivers to interact with the child and Papap Pony - thereby deepening the association between reading and fun and creating a 'happy habit.' Children learn to actively listen for the book's simple directions, eagerly waiting to hug, dance or jump along using their very own Papap Pony.


Children are encouraged to play-along with their own Papap Pony. Our board book is designed to invite the reader to use their imagination and move-along with the story.

Our board books are specifically designed for young children to hold and play with, as we know how rough children can be with their books!

Our Board Books are illustrated with bold vibrant colors to grab little one's attention and introduce Papap Pony's world in beautiful way.

Board book measures 7'W x 7"L

Animated Story

Check out our Youtube channel to listen and see Papap Pony's story come alive and meet our founder, Ms. Kelly.

"This book is so much fun. My little one has been asking to read Papap's story each night with her own stuffed toy."


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