Meet Papap: The First Adventure Buddy
Meet Papap: The First Adventure Buddy
Meet Papap: The First Adventure Buddy

Meet Papap: The First Adventure Buddy

The 'Meet Papap' story book introduces children to the original Adventure Buddy, Papap Pony. This rhyming story seamlessly weaves listening exercises into the narrative that children love to do with their Adventure Buddy.
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This interactive storybook follows Papap Pony, the first Hugalongs Adventure Buddy (sold separately), on a journey to meet her family and friends.  

Inspired by the interactive nature of the classic "Pat the Bunny Book." This unique book helps toddlers associate reading with fun. Toddlers learn to actively listen for the book's simple directions to hug, dance, and jump along with Papap.

Our interactive storybook captivates children's attention through engaging rhyming narrative, simple instructions, and physical interaction with Papap Pony.

The simple interactions with their real life Papap Pony friend (Wearable Adventure Buddy sold separately), keeps children engaged and actively participating in the story.

The 'Meet Papap' Storybook

'Meet Papap' is our first interactive book that when combined with our Hugalongs Adventure Buddy Game Kit creates the ultimate interactive reading fun.

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Animated Story

Listen and see Papap Pony's story come alive.


"I can't believe how well my son listens to this book. He wont sit still for any book I read him, but this one keeps his attention - especially with his Buddy."


Dad of 3 boys