Take Control Of Big Emotions

You are exhausted after a long day of trying to comfort your young child who has experienced a rollercoaster of big emotions. With the weight of fatigue and the challenge of soothing your little one, it feels like an uphill battle. You don't have to let big emotions call the shots, there's a better way.

A Tool To Support You, Your Child & The Planet

Calmness in Chaos

Our Wearable Adventure Buddy is a friend disguised as huggable stuffed animal that helps children find comfort during life's adventures. Making travel and transitions easier.

On-The-Go Support

A wearable breathing buddy - teaching coping techniques & mindfulness exercises that can be practiced anywhere, giving you the tools to turn challenging moments into opportunities for growth and success.

Preloved Program

We are doing our part by not adding to the growing amount of toy waste plaguing the planet. Once your child no longer requires their Hugalongs Buddy for support they will learn the power of kindness by passing their Buddy to a child in need.


"Whatever you do, don't leave the house without your Hugalongs Buddy!"



The Mom Behind Hugalongs

Mom, lawyer and behavioral science expert, Kelly Hull had one question on her mind: how can I help my young daughters learn to control their emotions anywhere our busy lives take us?

Kelly understands the struggles of parents and caregivers with emotional young children. She created the first Wearable Adventure Buddy-Papap Pony, by reimagining the classic hobby horse, to comfort her older daughter during moments she had to work or care for her newborn.

Kelly discovered her wearable hobby horse worked and children loved it! She then developed a simple science-based program to help young children build mental fitness using this new friend as a guide.

Now Hugalongs helps all young children take control of their emotions anywhere life takes them.


Enjoy Calmer Days

Get off the emotional rollercoaster. Hugalongs help's you have more time for the moments that matter.