Just got Papap Pony Adventure Kit

1. Dive Into The Story

Discover the world of Papap Pony Adventure Buddy with our beautifully illustrated coloring book and journal. Here you will learn about the Adventure Academy - the magical place where buddies are trained and adventures are created.

2. Adopt Papap Pony

Papap Pony Adventure Buddy is not just a toy - it's a doorway to a world of discovery.

Click the link below to officially adopt your Papap Pony. You can keep the name Papap or come up with your own. You will also receive a letter from the Adventure Academy and adventures ready to entertain your little one.

3. Start Your Adventures

Imagine the glow in your child’s eyes when they find Papap Pony has traveled to the Academy and has returned with a new adventure or message.

4. Follow Hugalongs

We are on a mission, not just to make a fun toy, but to help parents with young children foster curiosity around discovering their world and themselves.

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5. Check Out Papap's Book

Did you know Papap Pony was named by our founder's daughter? Together they wrote an interactive rhyming board book all about Papap Pony and her friends.

Designed to be read aloud with your Papap Pony. Simple directions are weaved through the story for your toddler to listen for. This makes for an entertaining experience while teaching the skill of active listening.